Unholy Generation

Unholy Generation Podcast


The Unholy Generation

“A man with experience is a hundred miles ahead of one with only knowledge”

Cohosts Mike and Ryan take that quote as an excuse to make religious people uncomfortable as they visit some of the wackiest, cultiest, most batshit religious organizations and attempt (and fail) to blend in! 

Join them on their adventures and you’ll encounter pastors, priests, shamans, scammers, reiki doctors, spirit guides, beings of light and sound, rock people, and even garlic people in a vain attempt to understand what the hell is even going on. Are any of these religions true? Is there any real god or gods out there that can be quantifiably known? 

When they are not out adventuring and observing fundimentalists, cultists and bigots in their natural habitats, Mike and Ryan are hitting the books to bring their fans the Biblical Literacy and Counter Apologetics Series! Explore various topics, such as slavery, feminism, morality, faith and much more, to see what the Bible has to say on the subject and some helpful counter apologetics for the non-believer. 

Tune in every week to have a good laugh and maybe (but not definitely) learn something new about the vast crazy world of religion!

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