The Wayward Willis

The Wayward willis


The Wayward Willis

The Wayward Willis is an irreverent secular humanist show started by Jon and his son, Logan, in the wake of the 2016 election and the apparent rise in theocratic sentiments and social unrest.  We discuss religion, social justice, and politics with an intent to entertain, educate, and point out how ridiculous things get when you believe things without good reason. We bring podcasters, activists, authors, and media personalities on as guests to add legitimacy to the discussion, which is always pro-feminist, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-separation of church and state.  In season 3, Jon is joined by Ron to take up the mantle from Logan, who moved on to other pursuits.

Jon grew up in a fundamentalist Southern Baptist home and didn’t know much more than church and family until he left for college.  He served a four-year enlistment in the US Army and completed his computer science degree afterward. It took him more than a decade to shed the last vestiges of religion and become an anti-theist.  He currently works a full-time job as a Web developer and laments the amount of time it takes away from podcasting. Jon’s typically not as funny as his co-hosts.


Ron was raised Catholic and attended religious classes.  He thought at one time he might become a priest but everything fell apart when he realized he might have to stop playing Streets Of Rage.  In addition to co-hosting The Wayward Willis, Ron is a host on two other podcasts: Ride The Pine and The Singlet Club. Classic overachiever.

The name, Wayward Willis, is intended to illustrate the departure of the hosts from the ideologies and beliefs of the rest of the family.  Episode art and Web comics are sheep-themed because Jon has always felt like the “black sheep” of the family. While Ron may not be a Willis, he’s definitely wayward.  We hope you love the show!

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