Nerdy Things Podcast

The Nerdy Things Podcast



The Nerdy Things Podcast

The Nerdy Things Podcast is a podcast about Pop Culture where we talk about anything and everything that you could possibly nerd out about.  We briefly cover the news of the week, then we get into the larger main topic where each episode we break down some larger chunk of fandom from time travel, to Harry Potter, to 70’s sitcoms, to the latest horrible Jason Statham movie.

Kevin has been a nerd his entire life.  He decided to start a podcast where he could talk about that in a more controlled environment.  Kevin’s coworker Tim was excited by the idea, but Kevin is a jerk and started the podcast with Jules, some kid he met on the internet instead!  It took 4 episodes to fix this and bring Tim in, but now Kevin and Jules are stuck with him.

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