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Dumb All Over is a Progressive Political Podcast that discusses any issue, story, or topic that is relevant in the news. The main discussions revolve around politics and religion with some pop-culture thrown in there from time to time. The show features a numerous amount of guests, such as aspiring Progressive political candidates, to fellow pod-casters, to friends and fans of the show. The show after the show, now called “A Little Ugly on the Side” is done mostly live and is driven by supporters questions and comments. The show is always done while drinking various craft beers and/or mixed drinks.

Tom and Austin attended the same high school where they were mostly just casual acquaintances until they both joined their high school golf team. It was there that their friendship solidified. Although Tom had always been on the left side of the political spectrum, Austin identified himself as right wing and sometimes even a Libertarian which caused some interesting political discussions. However, both Tom and Austin are proud Progressives today. 

Dumb All Over was founded in January of 2017, shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The show is the brain child of Austin Colon who was frustrated with the events of the 2016 election. Austin enlisted Tom Maddalena, a long time friend, to co-host the show with him. Tom and Austin had been working on a screen play for a sci-fi thriller for many months prior to the creation of the show when Austin proposed starting a podcast to Tom. The day the show was proposed happened to also be the first day of recording, much to Tom’s surprise, and from there Dumb All Over started!


The name “Dumb All Over” is also the name of a song from a mutually admired artist named Frank Zappa. Even the show after the show, “A Little Ugly on the Side” comes from a line in the song Dumb All Over by Frank Zappa! 


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